fredag 4 januari 2013

Increased shipping costs

When I went to the post office today, I discovered that the new issue apparently is a little bit heavier than the previous one, which means the shipping costs will be double as high as expected...

At least it is now official that this is the heaviest issue so far, so hopefully it will be worth paying a few more pennies for the delivery.

onsdag 2 januari 2013

#4 out now!

Power Thrashing Death #4 is now available. English, A5, 40 pages, including interviews with: Altar Of Oblivion, Bombs Of Hades, Convent Guilt, Extrakt, Hellbringer, Insane, Sinister Realm, Terrorama, Uncanny, Usurpress, Vampire and Vanhelgd + lots of reviews. Both #2 and #3 are sold out, got a few copies of #1 left, if someone's interested.  

onsdag 6 juni 2012


Ok, haven't got many copies left of #3 now, so hurry up if you want it! All the issues, incl. the sold out #2, are available from I Hate Records too, few copies there too though.

For the future, the plans are currently to release #4 and #5 at the same time, which will probably be sometime in early 2013. When they are printed, a repress of #2 and #3 will might be possible, so let me know if you think that's a good idea in the poll to the right.

måndag 16 april 2012

#2 Sold Out

#2 is now sold out, and won't be available here anymore. Still plenty of copies of #1 and #3 in stock though, so make sure to get your hands on them while you can!

torsdag 5 april 2012

#3 Out Now!!!

Hell yes, the third issue of Power Thrashing Death is now printed and ready to ship! 36 pages, featuring interviews with Sacrifice, Outrage, Antichrist, Bastard Priest, Dark Forest, Enforcer, Deathstorm, Miasmal and Repuked.
Also a lot of reviews of course, especially a large one of the Resurrected In Festering Slime compilation, put out in 2008 by Soulseller.

I got a better deal with the printer this time, so the price is a bit reduced. Both of the first two issues is still available for order, so make sure you order them as well if you don't own them already!

söndag 5 februari 2012

#3 on it's way

That's right, the third assault of the deathrashing metalstorm is almost done. It looks like it will be a bit thicker than the onther two, more interviews, thus it might be a bit more expensive, but we'll see about that. Stay tuned!

söndag 2 oktober 2011

New adress!

I've got a new adress now, so don't send any orders to the old one. The new one is:

Henrik Låsgårdh
Borrvägen 7
831 61 Östersund